Introducing…Teddy Tappington

Stuffed animals but particularly stuffed bears have long been shown to ease children’s stress, build confidence, and aid in social development.

Teddy Tappington has 10 buttons that signify meridian or energy points on your child’s body. Your child can hug, tap, and carry their new teddy anywhere all while providing sensory input with the addition of weighted glass beads.

This loveable weighted bear is eager to help your child handle his/her fears, anxieties,  or challenges.  The comfort that comes with loving a weighted stuffed bear can also promote a safe environment in which a scared, lost, or hurt child may open up or feel safe again.

Using a stuffed animal as a surrogate by tapping allows the child to rewire their brain while allowing their feelings to be carried by the stuffed animal so that they can let go.

Think about the impact these bears can have:

  • Cancer Wards
  • Schools
  • Kids entering the Foster Care System
  • Elderly
  • Children’s Hospitals
  • Women’s Shelters
  • Special Needs Children
  • Treatment Facilities

I am overwhelmed and excited with the future possibilities for these bears and the children and families they will serve…thank you for being a part of this journey!


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What is Tapping?

Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT) is a natural healing modality using energy points on your body that has been practiced in Eastern medicine for well over 5,000 years.

It is a non-evasive process and similar to Acupressure…using your fingertips and tap on energy points called meridians while you think about your specific problem and/or making statements.

Tapping has been known to help children, teens and adults with anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain, nightmares, grief, shame, guilt, trauma, weight loss and so much more.

Tapping is becoming more utilized in schools and hospitals as well. To learn more about tapping in schools, CLICK HERE.

About Us

Dena McComb is the owner and founder of Tapping with Teddy and A Brain Fit Life, a private Brain Training and Parent Coaching practice. She is a certified Transformational Life Coach, EFT Practioner, and Brain Trainer. In addition, Dena has a variety of additional training and certifications which include: NLP Practitioner, Mindfulness/Meditation Practitioner, Mind-Body Coach and Prepare/Enrich Facilitator.

Dena is a foster, adoptive and step-mom of 5 kids with varying diagnosis’s and challenges.  It is through working with her own children to help them heal and overcome obstacles that she first discovered the power of EFT (tapping) and saw what a dramatic difference it made not only for herself but for her kids.

Dena can also be found speaking on important topics related to brain health that include self-care, mind-body connection, EFT, mindset, the brain-gut connection, and brain nutrition.

Dena McComb
Dena McCombFounder

Join our Tapping Teddy Community and be entered to WIN your very own Tapping Teddy!